10 reasons why arranged marriages are such a passé

India has played host to arranged marriages since the Vedic era. But in this world of technology and growth, arranged marriages are slowly losing its charm. We’ll tell you why we find them so archaic!

  1. 1

    Because love is in the air

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    Everyone seems to be in love these days. They meet a person, get to know each other, fall in love and decide to get married. There is absolutely no looking back!

  2. 2

    Because it is hard to convince today’s generation with just a photograph

    Can you even imagine choosing to live with someone just by looking at their picture? Hell NO!

  3. 3

    Because there’s much more to it than just a cup of tea together:

    A cup of tea together, and that’s it. That is how arranged marriages function. Ready to risk your life on a cup of tea, eh?

  4. 4

    Because parents have become way cooler than before

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    Parents these days just want to see us happy. They have evolved to let go off their traditional baggage and let us live life on our own terms.

  5. 5

    Because falling in love after marriage is meaningless

    We’re sure you won’t place your million dollar bets on falling in love after marriage. Right?

  6. 6

    Because marrying both families is a terribly hard task

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    First the prospective bride and groom have to like each other, then his parents have to like her parents, then that uncle has to like this aunty and the list goes on. Pretty hard to get everyone to like everyone. Phew!

  7. 7

    Because parents are too lazy to go bride/groom hunting for their kids

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    Like we said, parents have become way cooler and a wee bit lazier. They leave the tougher things to us.

  8. 8

    Because understanding is more important than adjustment

    Adjustment has been synonymous with arranged marriages for a long time now. But as the going gets tough, understanding goes much longer than adjustment.

  9. 9

    Because investment of time plays a larger role than the investment of money

    With risk management at an all-time high, it’s better to invest time knowing a person than to end up getting a divorce hence paying a huge sum in alimony.

  10. 10

    Lastly, the more compatible you are with a person, the better it gets during the harder times

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    And that is how you live life in the 21st century!

    Think otherwise? Share your thoughts in the comments below. :)

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