100 Reasons to visit Taiwan

Taiwan is about the same size as Belgium and was named Formosa Island by Portuguese explorers in the 16th century due to its stunning natural beauty. Not many people know just how amazing the country is, which makes it one of the most underrated destinations in Asia. Here are 100 reasons why you should visit Taiwan.

  1. 1

    The hot springs

    Taiwan’s numerous geothermal springs. One of the more famous is Lushan hot springs where visitors can boil eggs in the water for a tasty treat!

  2. 2

    Hehuanshan Mountain

    Source: tripadvisor.com

    Hehuanshan is a 3,416 metres high mountain in Central Taiwan. The peak lies on the boundaries of Nantou and Hualien counties and is within the Taroko Gorge National Park. Hehuanshan is a popular destination for the local people of central Taiwan

  3. 3

    Easy traveling

    You have direct flights from Europe. Taiwan grants visa-free and visa-on-arrival travel for citizens of 45 countries and an online travel authority is valid for citizens of 7 territories.

  4. 4

    Qingshui Cliff

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    These plunging jungle-covered cliffs knifing down into the blue waters of the Pacific are like something from a by-gone age.

  5. 5


    Festivals are another great way to learn about the history and religious beliefs of Taiwan, and they’re just plain fun. Watch hundreds of paper lanterns released into the sky at Lantern Festival, barbecue with locals during Moon Festival, cheer on dragon boats as they race to the finish line during Dragon Boat Festival.

  6. 6

    Cingjing farm

    Stop at Cingjing farm for picturesque views of cows and sheep grazing against a backdrop of magnificent mountains. It’s also one of the only places in Taiwan that snows in winter.

  7. 7

    Metro Stations look like this

  8. 8

    Encounter Unearthly Alien Rock Formations

  9. 9

    Hike through the Jungle

  10. 10

    Taiwan has nature that rivals New Zealand

    Source: taiwantoday.tw

    Along with suspension bridges, Taiwan boasts some of the most beautiful scenery we have seen in all of Australasia. Taiwan’s trails are accessible, easy day hikes abound for families.

  11. 11

    Taiwan has excellent internet speeds

    Login to wonderful and speedy WiFi everywhere

  12. 12

    Discover the Tao’s Underground Houses

  13. 13

    Taiwan has Farm Stays

    Taiwan’s farm stays are notorious and a hit for the kids.

  14. 14


    Taiwan is the biking capital of the world. Giant is a Taiwan biking company that in the 80’s and 90’s became one of the largest bicycle manufacturers in the world when they took over production for Schwinn. There are over 3,000 kilometers of dedicated bike paths!

  15. 15

    Go Chasing Waterfalls

  16. 16

    Convenience Stores

    Taiwan has the highest concentration of convenience stores of any country around the globe - It's there in every corner of Taipei. Convenience stores in Taiwan do far more things than simply selling food or snacks like their foreign counterparts. One can withdraw money, book train tickets, buy a variety of hot food or even send their laundry.

  17. 17


    Home to Cingshui Cliffs and Taroko Gorge. The views and atmosphere are captivating. For those into hiking and nature, Taroko Gorge is a great place to get your fix.

  18. 18

    Taipei Metro

    Taipei City has a very clean, efficient and safe Mass Rapid Transit system, known most commonly as the MRT or Metro Taipei. Stations and trains are clearly identified in English.

  19. 19


    Approximately 600,000 butterflies migrate to Maolin National Scenic Area in southern Taiwan for the winter. One of only two butterfly species in the world to migrate for the winter, the Taiwanese Purple Crow features iridescent blue and purple wings. Don’t miss this phenomenon that occurs only once a year, between December and February.

  20. 20

    Taxi rides in Taipei are unbelievably cheap.

    Source: www.jjpro.net
  21. 21

    Sun Moon Lake

    Source: www.goway.com

    Sun Moon Lake is the largest body of water in Taiwan as well as a tourist attraction. Situated in Yuchi, Nantou, the area around the Sun Moon Lake is home to the Thao tribe, one of aboriginal tribes in Taiwan. Sun Moon Lake surrounds a tiny island called Lalu. The east side of the lake resembles a sun while the west side resembles a moon, hence the name. The sunrise and sunset view attracts everyone.

  22. 22

    The department stores are awesome

    They are impeccably clean, offer a wide variety of products, and possibly some of the best food.

  23. 23

    The locals are super friendly.

    The Taiwanese are, to sum it up, friendly. At first you might feel a degree of scepticism, certain this friendliness is a façade put on by hotel staff and tourist guides eager for a tip. Only you don’t tip in Taiwan. Even the old ladies will probably be willing to help you as best they can, should you get lost somewhere. At the end of the day, the biggest take away from your time in Taiwan will more than likely be the people. Chances are you won’t ever have to ask for help; if you even look like you’re in need someone will be there to assist.

  24. 24

    Visit the largest monastery in FoGuangShan

  25. 25

    Learn Chinese calligraphy

    Source: www.mofa.gov.tw
  26. 26

    Oolong tea

    Taiwan produces the best oolong tea in the world - Thanks to its mature tea culture and ideal growing conditions.

  27. 27


    Taiwan as a stable country where women feel perfectly safe and not nerve-racking about what could occur, particularly going out at late night. Many tourists reviewed that they never felt worried or scared in Taiwan. According to Lifestyle9.com based on crime statistics from the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, Taiwan ranked world's 2nd safest country! Taiwan is one of the best places to live in terms of low exposure to violent crimes and robbery.

  28. 28

    Beautiful Countryside

    The cities might be a concrete jungle, but as soon as you escape to the countryside, stunning landscapes are all-around. When Portuguese sailors first set eyes on Taiwan more than 500 years ago, they named it "Ilha Formosa" which means beautiful island.

  29. 29

    Quiet parks in Taipei

    Taipei is the ultimate showcase. It's got quiet parks encircled by hectic streets and traditional markets right next to the trendiest boutiques. It's old enough so you can feel its past.

  30. 30

    Taipei 101

    Taipei 101, also known as the Taipei Financial Center is a 509-m, 101-story landmark skyscraper located in Xinyi District of Taipei. It has the fastest elevator in the world.

  31. 31

    Taiwan High Speed Rail

    Traveling around the island is easy, because the infrastructure is good and the distances relatively short. A high speed railway connection brings you from Taipei in the north down to Kaohsiung in the south within 2 hours.

  32. 32


    With influences from the Polynesians, Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese, and Chinese, Taiwan is the exotic hidden gem of East Asia. Taiwanese cuisine is the infusion of Chinese cooking with local aboriginals' ingredients and culinary traditions. Night markets are an iconic element of Taiwanese culture, and while at first they can be a bit overwhelming, they certainly transform into many travelers favorite part of Taiwan. Whether it’s street food, mall food, or restaurant food, Taiwan has it all. Taiwanese people love to eat. The dishes people miss the most when they leave include beef noodle soup, soup dumplings from Din Tai Fung, and the uniquely Taiwanese oyster omelets.

  33. 33

    National Palace Museum in Taipei

    Source: www.aimeeku.com

    You might think it'd be in Beijing or Shanghai, but the National Palace Museum in Taipei houses the largest collection of Chinese artifacts and artwork in the world.

  34. 34

    Taiwan’s Aboriginal people

    Taiwan’s aboriginal people comprise about 2% of the total population. Some of the tribes have developed cultural tourism for years.

  35. 35

    Taiwan is rich in culture and traditions

    Taiwan is rich in culture and traditions. During Imperial times, Tainan was the capital of Taiwan. Today, several fascinating buildings and attractions are still open to the public commemorating the times.

  36. 36


    Taiwan's southern tip boasts beautiful white sand beaches, such as those that make up the coast along Kenting National Park.

  37. 37

    English translations

    The official language is Mandarin, but it's relatively easy for foreigners to get around Taipei, the country's capital, where signs are clearly marked with English translations.

  38. 38

    YouBike - First 30 mins 16 cents (5 NTD)

    If you prefer to get around by bike, Taipei has a bike share program where the first 30 minutes - 16 cents (5 NTD), and docks are located all around the city.

  39. 39


    Baseball is the national sport, and Taiwan is the world record holder for most Little League titles won.

  40. 40

    Bubble Tea

    Bubble tea was invented here, and tea shops are even more ubiquitous than Starbucks or 7-Eleven.

  41. 41

    The Fruit Kingdom

    Source: eng.coa.gov.tw

    Taiwan is located in a subtropical zone and is well suited for the cultivation of many tropical fruits. Unique natural geographical attributes not only give Taiwan's fruits a distinctive flavor, but also enable northern fruits such as persimmons, apples, Asian pears, and nectarines to coexist with such tropical fruits.

  42. 42

    Old traditions are alive and well.

    Regardless your religious leanings, the temples in Taiwan are worth a visit. Ages of Buddhism mixed with traditional practice.

  43. 43

    The seafood is unparalleled.

    If you like fish, visit the Addiction Aquatic Development. Its modeled after Tokyo’s famous Tsukiji market, there is no end to the maritime harvest that arrives fresh here everyday.

  44. 44

    Water Activities

    Taiwan is well suited for many water activities like snorkeling in Kenting National Park and Little Liuqiu Island, to the pacific islands of Luado and Lanyu where snorkelers are able to get a glimpse of many tropical fish and sea turtles.

  45. 45

    The hiking is excellent

    More backpackers head to Taiwan for the misty mountain ranges and waterfalls. There are trails not far from Taipei and are easily accessible by cab.

  46. 46

    Award-winning Cocktails

    The Asia Pacific mixology scene was put on the map in 2011 when Japan’s Manabu Ohtake won World Class Bartender of the Year.

  47. 47

    Witnessing How the Taiwanese Honor their Ancestors

    Honoring one's ancestors is an important part of traditional Chinese religious practice. In Taiwan people are very serious when it comes to taking care of the deceased. This is based on the common belief that only a proper funeral and regular offerings of food and other "necessities" ensure that the dead become ancestral spirits rather than ghosts who haunt the living.

  48. 48

    Visit Dajia Mazu (Mother of Ship) at Chen Lan Palace

  49. 49

    Zhongtai Zen Monastery Tour

  50. 50

    Make a wish at LongShan Temple Tour

  51. 51

    Escape to the mountain: Maokong Gondola

  52. 52

    Walk through the Lion's Head Mountain Trial

  53. 53

    Breathtaking view of the Bagua tea field

  54. 54

    Evening walk with the fireflies in Carp Pond in Hualien

  55. 55

    Whale watch at Guishan Island

  56. 56

    River Cruise on Love River

    Source: tripadvisor.com
  57. 57

    Wind-surfing in Penghu

  58. 58

    Buddhist Education at Dharma Drum Mountain

  59. 59

    Island-hoppings in Penghu

  60. 60

    See the volcanic eruption at Siaoyuken Yangminsan

  61. 61

    Visit the cat-friendly town of Hotong

  62. 62

    Bird watch at Yilan Swamplands: water birds

  63. 63

    Experience the Hakka culture in Meinong Folk Village

  64. 64

    Lose yourself in the "skyless streets" in Lugang Village

  65. 65

    Experience the traditional Taiwanese Puppet Show in Yunlin

  66. 66

    A visit to the Snake Alley

  67. 67

    Experience the salt-water hot spring by the sea in Green Island

  68. 68

    Pamper yourself at the sacred black hot spring bath in Guanziling

  69. 69

    Experience Paragliding at Luye Gaotai

  70. 70

    Hike along the high mountain tea plantation in Alishan Shizhao

  71. 71

    Challenge your taste bud: Stinky tofu

    Source: tw.tranews.com
  72. 72

    Jiayi Night Market

  73. 73

    Aboriginal feast in Taroko Gorge

  74. 74

    Alishan Sunrise

  75. 75

    Visit the historic mining town of Jiufen

  76. 76

    North-East Coast and Caoling Historic Trail

  77. 77

    Watch Dolphins in Hualien

    Source: kidsonboard.net
  78. 78

    Hike along the Mt. Maolan Trail with the view of black tea farm

  79. 79

    Experience hot and cold spring at Jiaoxi Spring Spa

  80. 80

    River-tracing in Taroko Gorge

  81. 81

    Ride along the abandoned railway tracks in Taichung Shuangfeng Bikeway

  82. 82

    Climb the highest peak in Taiwan: Jade Mountain

  83. 83

    World-famous dumpling restaurant Din Tai Fung

  84. 84

    Tunnel of Nine Turns: the most scenic route of the Taroko Gorge

  85. 85

    Stroll through the hot spring street in Wulai

    Source: wikitravel.org
  86. 86

    Ride along the Pacific Coast

  87. 87

    Trekking through the waterfall in Baiyang Trail

  88. 88

    Rock climbing in Long Dong

  89. 89

    Visit the first organic rural village in Taiwan at the Sixty Stones Mountain

  90. 90

    The Holiday Jade and Flower Market - Largest in Asia

  91. 91

    Lost in Translation: Taiwanese Opera

  92. 92

    Explore the world of Ami tribe in Hualien Mataian

  93. 93

    Join the Tao Tribe and legendary Flying Fish in Orchid Island

  94. 94

    Yilan Lotung Night Market

  95. 95

    Enjoy the traditional performances at the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village

    Source: Tripadvisor.com
  96. 96

    Snorkeling in Green Island

  97. 97

    Test your limit at the river rafting in Hualien

  98. 98

    Experience the Taiwanese pop culture in Ximending

  99. 99

    Visit the Chiang Kai-Shek's mausoleum in Daxi Taoyuan

  100. 100

    Tai-Chi Lesson with the Master

    Source: runawayjuno.com

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