8 Innovative Products from Allocacoc Everyone Needs To Own

Allocacoc focuses on setting a different standard with its innovative line of products for work and household needs. Their products come with great design and are super convenient to use. Here are 8 products from Allocacoc everyone needs to own.

  1. 1

    PowerCube Original

    This is one of the world’s smallest socket multiplier. It provides five additional outlets, and can expand to even more outlets when combined together. There is also a original USB model that provides four additional outlets with two USB ports.

  2. 2

    PowerCube Extended

    You have an option to choose between 1.5m and 3m cable. With its unique docking system, it can be mounted on the wall, top of your desk, or underneath it, creating a tailored power source within reach.

  3. 3

    Power USBcable

    We often carry various devices and they all come with different charging cables. Power USBcable eliminates the need to carry unnecessary cables. This is particularly useful when traveling and it is a great way to share charging cable with someone using pretty much any type of smartphone. Three most frequently used connectors (Apple Lightning, Micro-USB, and Mini-USB) are integrated into one cable. Besides charging, they also allow data transfer between laptop and mobile phone or tablet.

  4. 4

    PowerCube ReWirable

    All travel adapters have certain shortcomings. One outlet is generally not enough for all our devices. Also, when traveling to more than one country, you will generally need more than one type of adapter. PowerCube ReWirable comes with four interchangeable plugs for a variation of countries: including UK, USA, Australia, and Europe. Unlike a traditional travel adapter, this can also be used at home.

  5. 5


    audioCube provides a surround 360º sound experience. It features a great bass, further amplified by a vibrating plane, which also doubles as an on/off switch. audioCube also comes with an integrated power circuit, which removes the need for external power adapters and makes taking it around a lot easier. It also has an internal battery life of 12 hours.

  6. 6

    PowerCube Remote

    The PowerCube Remote offers single On/Off button to power on and turn off your devices. The device is Battery-free. PowerRemote can attach to any smooth surface without leaving any residue when removed.

  7. 7


    This is an easy way to increase your working space up to 3 or 5 meters. It can be expanded to more outlets when combined with PowerCube. You can switch the power ON/OFF by simply rotating the power plug.

  8. 8


    This provides four additional outlets with a slim and sleek design. With its mounting bracket, it can be fixed above or under your desk.

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