Top 10 Things to do in Tainan, Taiwan

Tainan, a city on Taiwan’s southwest coast, was the island’s capital from 1683-1887 under the Qing dynasty. Today it’s known for its centuries-old fortresses and temples. Here are top 10 things to do in Tainan, Taiwan.

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    Anping Fort

    Anping Fort remains to be one of the most visited tourist landmarks in Tainan. Chikan Tower was constructed by the Dutch in 1653. The Duitch first called it Orlande, changed it to Fort Zeelandia, It became Anping Fort when it was the home of Zheng Chenggong (Koxinga).

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    Guanziling Hot Spring

    Guanziling in Tainan is one of the most famous hot spring sites in Taiwan. This rare spring releases methane, which has been burning constantly for around three centuries.

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    Chimei Museum

    The Chimei Museum is a private museum established in 1992 by the Chi Mei Corporation in Rende District, Tainan.

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    National Museum of Taiwan Literature

    The National Museum of Taiwan Literature is a museum located in Tainan, Taiwan. It opened in 2003. The museum researches, catalogs, preserves, and exhibits literary artifacts.

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    Taijiang National Park

    Taijiang National Park, located in the southwest coast of Taiwan, is a national park of Taiwan. Taijiang National Park was established in 2009. The majority of the park is within the city of Tainan.

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    National Museum of Taiwan History

    The National Museum of Taiwan History is a museum in Annan District, Tainan, covering the history of the island nation of Taiwan and its associated islands.

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    Taiwan Confucian Temple

    The Taiwan Confucian Temple is a Confucian temple on Nanmen Road in Tainan.

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    Siraya National Scenic Area

    Siraya National Scenic Area is the newest of Taiwan's 13 national scenic areas. It was designated by the central government of the Republic of China on November 26, 2005.

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    Tainan Science Park

    Tainan Science Park of Taiwan is located in Xinshi, Shanhua and Anding Districts of Tainan City with a total area of 2,565 acres, and is a part of the Southern Taiwan Science .

  10. 10


    This iconic bar gains more attention for its exterior than its interior. The facade is an art piece with a design inspired by architectural blue prints (thus the name of the bar).

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